Saturday, February 21, 2009

An interview with Lori Marie of Pretty Little Things

Hello and welcome to the first official post here at Paper*Cakes finds! We have a very special interview with a very special guest - one of my favorite artists *ever* - Lori Marie! She is the reason I became obsessed with pink and aqua! I am so honored that she agreed to the interview! Enjoy :)

Lori Marie is a textile artist from California. She makes bags, plushes, accessories, and appliques. She has been on The Martha Stewart Show, and also designs for pottery barn kids. You may have seen her designs in magazines like Parents and Lucky. I found Lori a while ago while surfing and became instantly enamoured with her beautiful details, whimsical use of color, and the sweetness of her designs.

Now onto the good part - the interview! :)

1.) Ok, so what is it *really* like to be able to create things in your Tiny House studio?? It seems like a very inspiring place to spend time.

Feeling creative in the tiny house is simply fact, it is usually in a state of creative bliss. which is how i like to lovingly refer to the endless piles of colorful projects that need attention...some of you my know if by it's more common name "a big ol' stinkin mess". i try to straighten up about once a week to get it to a manageable state, but it is usually destroyed within seconds of completion. i guess it's just my nature. i love it when its clean, but i also feel quite comfortable surrounded by a swirl of prints and color...even when it's hanging out of shelves and over chairs.

This is Lori's "Tiny House" studio, where the magic happens

And a view of the inside.

2.) What is your favorite thing to create, and why?

my favorite thing to create is applique. i don't consider myself very good at drawing (although i like my doodles) but i am a wiz with a pair of scissors and a stack of fabric. i love selecting the colors, cutting the shapes and stitching all the little the details to bring everything to life.

Some plush cuties

3.) What inspires your designs?

i am inspired by everything that surrounds me so i try to keep whimsical and unexpected pretties tucked all around the house. whether its a group of vintage s&p shakers sitting pretty in the kitchen shelves or the tiny terrariums i have perched in the window. i guess you might say i am inspired by all things charming.

Terrarium Plushes

4.) What was doing the Martha Stewart show like? Was Martha nice? Did you get nervous?

the martha show was a total freakin whirlwind. i got the call only a week before the show and got approval on a project (that i invented for the show) on a thursday and the live segments were on the following tuesday. they wanted me to demo the pet portrait, but without any sewing so i spent every waking moment up until i left for NYC trying out new techniques and unfamiliar products to make it all work...not to mention, i had to prepare all 4 stages of 2 separate portraits for both martha and myself.

we flew to NY on a sunday. i spent monday in the studio with a couple other artists finishing up the project and reviewing the steps with the producers. after doing a final run through monday night...i was up and ready to roll on tuesday morning at 7 AM...into hair and makeup after getting briefed again by the producers. my segments were at the end of the show so i just hung out in a small room with my boyfriend back stage before they whisked me out into the bright lights in front of all the people.

nervous? doesn't really begin to explain it. i think i was so nervous that i wasn't nervous at all. my survival mentality kicked in and figured it was either sink or swim. i kept reminding myself that it would all be over the less time than it takes me to i'm really just showing a crafty friend how to do something i LOVE...what could possibly go wrong? i'm thrilled that everything went off without a hitch.

Stacks of brightly colored fabric in Lori's studio

5.) Tell me about a future goal you have, or a new skill you want to learn.

i have recently started designing some small pieces of jewelry. i am anxious to see how it rounds out my collection of dolls and handbags. i am completely addicted to all the vintage charms and filigree findings and shimmering beads and other colorful baubles. so keep an eye out for new pretties coming soon:)

Lori with her sweet doggie Matilda

Lori blogs often and is known for showing lots of eye candy, so be sure to follow her blog and receive her updates! She has also made a few tutorials, one of which shows you how to make a cute little terrarium. You can see it here. There are loads of goodies to be found on both Lori's Website and Blog.

If you're interested in purchasing Lori's super cute creations, she sells online via etsy. As it happens, she is running a sale this weekend through Monday, which is her birthday. All of the items in her shop are 20% off so go check her out!


shannon said...

It's all so beautiful.

Courtney von T said...

I love the new blog!! The colors, the cutesy-ness! Plus a wonderful interview! Congrats Chelsea this place is awesome!

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

I am so inspired! This is such a sweet & charming little place of wondermint! I LOVE Lori. She is A Fabulous first FIND! ; )
So excited to see whats next!
Best Wishes ~
Joelle XOXO

Anonymous said...

everything came together SO beautifully, chelsea! i am so honored that you wanted to feature me as your first post. so much fun:)

thanks again. i look forward to reading future posts.
smiles and hugs

BTW the blog layout is the colors.

prettywhimsical said...

What a fun blog. Glad I stumbled on it today. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing what evolves here.

ismoyo said...

Love that you started this new blog and the interview with Lori Marie is a great way to start! I'll be following what comes next!


Greetings from Texas! I just wanted to tell you that I love this new blog and, that I love this interview. Way to go, Chelsea!

Sweetina said...

Lovely Chelsea! Fabulous! So happy you created this cute and fun blog!
Congrats on all the hard work~it truly shows!

Alexandra said...

lovely feature. I adore the little studio..if only..!

Madison Avenue Baby said...

Hi, Chelsea!
I just joined your Flickr group and wanted to thank you for the invite!
I'm not sure which of my photos prompted you to invite me but I added some pix of my paper diaper cake and a couple of softies to the group.
I can't believe I haven't found your blog before! It's great...I'm subscribing so I won't miss anything. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Nice feature. Beautiful images but glad to hear it gets messy in there, I can relate to that!

AnastasiaC said...

i love your blog - great idea!! im following you so I can see more!!

ittybittybirdy said...

Great interview questions... I've read a bloggers review on Lori before - but this time it felt like she was really talking to us! She is fabulous as are you my sweet friends! This blog is going to be so lovely! I can't wait!


Chelsea Ann

Kristen said...

Great interview! I TOO love Lori & all her amazing creations :)

Lorajean said...

I always love her posts! :) I think I will become obsessed with pink and aqua too!

daisy loves... said...

This is a fab interview and I love your blog. In fact have just added one of your buttons to our blog!