Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let's go camping!

Just a quick post from my etsy faves today! I am off to the flea market tomorrow so I'm super busy with preparation for that! Wish me luck everyone! Also, I made a Facebook page yesterday for Paper*Cakes - please join! :) Love ya! Enjoy!

Click the images to visit these items on esty.


Mary Wadsworth said...

Camping cuteness, love it!

Sarah :) said...

Oh my goodness...camping's never looked so adorable! *haha*

I ADORE that little felt camping set. And if I could sew worth a darn I might try it. Why can't those cute felt things ever come PREmade?? *haha*

andrea said...

Love your blog!
I have that happy camper scrapbook's really cute.I made a 'happy camper' shirt for my daughter with it scanning and printing various images from the collection onto fabric paper.She wore it to camp!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Love those camping cuties!
The campfire felt set is fantastic.

Kimberly :)