Friday, March 20, 2009


It's FRIDAY again!!

As always, Friday's mosaic is made up of photos from the Paper*Cakes Finds Flickr Group - go join and upload your photos! You might see them here next friday :)

Bighugelabs has not been working properly for me the last few times so there are no links for now, but I may add them later. All of the individual photos can be found in the pool. Also.. sorry for not posting yesterday.. I have a great interview lined up and it should be posted tomorrow.

BTW - are the comments here working? I have changed some of the settings because some readers had mentioned that the page did not load sometimes. If you are having problems please email

Also.. don't forget paper*Cakes finds is now on twitter Http:// follow to get updated all day long with the cutest links!


ittybittybirdy said...

looks like the links are working... I've noticed a bug in the mosaic maker too... just copy and past the links into your html or your flickr description. Love the button pic!

sassypackrat said...

I love your flickr fridays feature! Such cute stuff! The comment link is working for me again.

Mary Wadsworth said...

Happy Friday Chelsea, thanks for picking my cake for the mosaic!

Love all the pic's!


Leah said...

such cute finds!

Nancy said...

Now I can comment. I love buttons, so cute for some reason, well the whale ones are quite obvious :)

Sadie Lou said...

The photos from this set are pretty buried by now so if people wanted to purchase some of your finds, I don't think they would go through pages of photos to find the photo, then the profile, then the link--just to buy? You might want to provide links--just a suggestion.
Gorgeous blog!
LolliShops would love to link back with you.

Chelsea Ling said...

I normlly post the links but the mosaic maker didn't work for me this time and I just haven't had time to hand code them yet. This blog is just a bit of a side project so I'm just doing what I can fit in right now :) Flickr friday is just really about eye candy and some of the items featured are not for sale.