Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Creative Cottage Shopper

The creative cottage shopper is here!

What is the Creative Cottage Shopper?

The Creative Cottage Shopper is an 8 page publication professionally printed. It is folded and stapled and will be addressed on the cover and shipped to you in the mail.
There are over 30 different coupons from your favorite Cottage Style vendors! Many of the coupons are for up to 40% off your purchases!
Not only does the Creative Cottage Shopper have coupons and savings but there are tutorials and tips from well known Cottage Style artists! So many surprises and goodies!
So if you're a fan of Cottage Style, Chippy, Shabby, FrouFrou creations, antiques and're going to want to collect the Creative Cottage Shopper! Starting with this Spring issue!

Presale copies are being sold on both Etsy and Lollishops, reserve yours today!


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

So wonderful! This is a neat idea. I hope it takes off. I wonder if I should mention something like this to my etsy team?

Dan said...

Thanks Chels!
CurlyFry--Yes, please do!!