Friday, April 24, 2009

It's FLICKR Friday!! :)

1. She's HERE!!!, 2. low fat!, 3. Pretty Flower, 4. Babushkas tan-blue, 5. What A Chirpy Fella, 6. Flowering colorful bracelet, 7. Sweet Pink Lollipop Candy, 8. red resin glitter heart shaped ring, 9. Pink and white polka dot felt baby booties

It is also ETSY DAY! so please do your part to tell *everyone* you know about etsy! Post it on twitter, facebook, wear your etsy shirts, and put signs in your car windows!! Spread the word about this awesome handmade marketplace.


Jane Blogs said...

You have such fantastic taste.

I am definitely bookmarking your blog for inspiration next time I'm stuck on a project.

Thank you, Chelsea :)

*Evelyn* said...

Oh i love your FLickr Friday !!
Thanks for including me !!

Marquita said...

This is the post I wait for all week :-)
Have a nice weekend.

Thinkoutsidethebox2008 said...

You have done it again Chelsea dear! This is very beautiful and inspirational. You have picked items from many of my most favorite people on Flickr and Etsy..I adore every one..thanks so much for including me in this mosaic!

sweetcuddlecakes said...

How cute! Can you pls tell me what item #2 is? Thanks!

Chelsea Ling said...

Item #2 link here: