Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sew Fun

I "sew" wish I wasn't afraid of my sewing machine.
I'm just so in awe of what others can do with a needle and thread
I've been making fabric yoyos
while watching trekkie movie with my hubby. LOL
You can see what I've been using them on by visiting my blog

Wishing you all a happy and creative week!

Chelsea Ann


Rebecca said...

These are all so cute and exciting! I also wish I wasn't so afraid of my sewing machine..

andrea creates said...

So cute:)

Rose said...

Such sweet things! I just wish i could find the time to attempt things like this.

Federica said...

I just found your blog two minutes ago! Your blog is lovely!
I really, really like it!
I will add your button to my blog.
Smiles from Italy,

CarrieSue said...

Oh, don't fear the machine, really! Anyone can use a sewing machine. Get the owner's manual out ~ or buy a simple guide book, and just start slowly! Sewing is soooo super fun, you shouldn't miss out any longer ~ You Can Do It! ;-)