Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moody Hues

The skies are covered in grey
the rain comes and goes
and I feel drawn to hide myself in a cocoon
and wait for summer to show the brilliant colors of nature
but until then I might as well enjoy the dramatic deep hues
of this dreary afternoon


Chelsea Ling said...

It's raining today here... just pouring. This is perfect for my day! I especially love the first one.


Jasie said...

The third one down really caught my eye. So mellow.

Joelle said...

Love this post. such dreamy pretty things.... I ADMIRE those who embrace dreay rainy days... I try to look at those days in a whole diff. way... use to be bothered by them... I LOVE my Sunny days... now that I have children.... I TRY so hard to show them how wonderful those days are too. LOVE RAIN & WE NEED it.(still love my SUNSHINE though! ; )

Your doing wonderful!!!
Joelle XO

icandy... said...

Oh wow! Those prints are precious! Cupcakes look pretty cutie, too! :)

StickyKitten said...

i love the deer!! soooo cute. great picks!
it is so rainy here too. =)

Anonymous said...

eek! wood grain wallpaper! love!

Good-Grace said...

oh my goodness! lovely, lovely finds...