Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boys have cooties..

But I guess, they still buy things ;) I seem to have noticed that the men's goods on etsy seem harder to find than all of the lovely things for us girlies :) so this post is dedicated to the boys..

bay rum aftershave
T Bone Steak T-shirt
Leather Grey Wallet/ Billfold. By ROLF...which is the noise a dog makes when you make it hurl.
Pierre Cardin Vintage Mens Plaid Sport Coat . 44 45
maritime XS S M L XL 2XL shabby retro shipwreck NAVY sailor stripes
Retro Tape Recorder Buckle
Suds Sampler - Beer Soap Sample Pack Trio
Vintage 1960-1970 Forest Green Leather Flamex Flamemaster Butane Lighter
Topographical Error - seafloor contour map. Screenprinted microfiber necktie with navy ink.
S A L E Vintage Fedora, for You (or the Stylish and Manly Man in Your Life)
Brown Lines Leather Cuff Watch
Backyard BBQ Plaid Mens Shirt


i'm andie... said...

haha i love the steak t.shirt...my boyfriend would totally wear that one!

xoxo andie...

Heather said...

Such great finds for the men! Thanks for including my suds sampler. I wish I could get my man to carry a wallet (that's what pockets are for?) because I love that wallet!

ana said...

oo. i'm loving the ties :) great finds!

ittybittybirdy said...

those ties rock!!!!!

apparentlyjessy said...

Yey! Nice to see stuff for the boys once in a while, yep my boyfriend would totally love that steak tshirt too!

Chelsea Ling said...

hahaha... my hubby went gaga over the steak shirt - we might order it later :) I picked all this stuff with his style in mind so I guess I shouldn't have been shocked :)

Good-Grace said...

These are fabulous finds!! I love the watch band and that pirate ship shirt... and the lighter... pretty much everything. :) Super post!!

Very Verdant said...

Great finds...I found some new favorites here myself.

IronBoxNelles said...

heh, i got vince a shirt with a steak on it, proudly proclaiming "I am made of Meat!" it's a fave.

Sarahahaha said...

awesome post! it's hard to find really cool mens things. my bf's birthday is coming up so i will be hunting. (: