Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An interview with A Creative Mint

I found this gal a while ago via Decor8 and asked her to do an interview. Her photos are so beautiful and inspiring! Check out her BLOG here.

I grew up on the idyllic Vancouver Island in British Columbia. My mother is an artist and avid gardener so our family home was always a laboratory for creative ventures. At any given time we were doing art projects like painting ceramics on the dining room table and having flowers pressing in books on the kitchen table. My mother and father had an eclectic group of friends, which also influenced more critical and creative ideas.

While studying interior design in Northern California I decided I wanted to study architecture. Even though I did not practice architecture it was great design training. Immediately after finishing grad school I had the opportunity to team up with a manufacturing and distributing company. In collaboration with them I developed, designed and did packaging direction for lots of products sold in many of the major retailers in North America. In the last three years I have only done a few projects and my main focus is my two little children.

1. Thank you so much! It’s funny my inspiration to put things together comes from anything and everything! Sometimes its something I saw out and about that inspires an idea or sometimes it’s a random thought or memory that pops in my head.

2. Right now I am using a Canon Eos. I am new to digital photography and have much to learn. I find the more you shoot photos the better chance you have at getting a good photograph! Not much of a tip and I am totally not technically savvy with equipment! Seriously though, I try to shoot lots of photos on any particular idea. Lighting is also key –I usually take photos in front of the same window in my house as there is lots of good diffused light. Of course knowing a little Photoshop also helps any photo! I am not a Photographer so Photoshop can make a big difference especially when I am working on a series and I want the photos to have a similar feel.

3. Thank you! I love pretty things! I worked for many years designing more masculine and utilitarian products and packaging. I guess I just needed to get back to what I love which is more feminine and soft.

4. Hmmmm. There are so many things I want to learn more about! I would love to be able to sew a quilt. There was something about architecture school that has me perpetually attracted to grids! Being able to sew a quilt would be awesome.

5. Even though I admire minimalist living I am not that type -I wish! I have lots of things I have collected through the years that I put into photographs. Interior design is also good training for sourcing items -I am always on the look out for interesting items or artwork!


andrea creates said...

What a nice interview~and blog:)

Torie Jayne said...

Great interview and beautiful blog, I love the colours and patterns in the pic x

thehangingflower said...

Oh what beautiful photographs! I book marked her blog ... love love loved it.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Wonderful post, and such beautiful pics.
I enjoyed touring your lovely blog too. (Found you through Twitter!)


Meghann LittleStudio said...

How fabulous! Her photos are feminine without being too 'girly' and bring across a sense of love and comfort. Thanks for the introduction :)

Laurie A.E. said...

What fabulous colors ... YUM!!!

Good-Grace said...

oh good golly! *loving* her images as well... Gorgeous!!

And I can totally relate to her quote in #5: "Even though I admire minimalist living I am not that type -I wish!"