Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little bit of a switcheroo..

Trying a new color scheme today :) for some reason, I love gray and mustard yellow together.. they really seem to suit each other, don't they?

Gumballs, Bakelite Necklace
Mind Your Manners Handprinted letterpress poster
To the Circus with Mandi - Gray and Yellow Ruffle Dress w Belt
Little Mustard Fabric bucket /storage /organizer
Hooray for Houndstooth (yellow)
Yellow Rose and Swarovski Crystal Pearl Bracelet
LEMONADE Silver Headband with Gray and Yellow Bow


The Neighborhood Press said...

Loving those colors right now. I'm trying to gently direct my friend in that direction for her wedding...yellow, grey, and lime green. It somehow works. (And I just had my logo and website redesigned and she is using grey and yellow.)

Jingle said...

I love this color combo! Gorgeous!

Jasie VanGesen said...

I think this may be my favorite post you've ever done! I'm loving the dress at the Mind Your Manners print. Awesome.

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Great color combinations! I love that bird in hounds tooth pattern :)

Leanne said...

WOW!!! beautiful; i think this might be my favorite color combination of the moment. thank you so much for including my little dress!! :D you have a lovely blog. :)

much love,

angie said...

these are my wedding colors! hooray! ;D

Tanya said...

they really do work well together! Yellow was chosen the hottest color for this year and I have seen it everywhere! I really like it with gray

thehangingflower said...

Oh I wear mustard yellow so much in the fall! great color combo. Off to check out these shops now... especially the jewelry!

Rose said...

These colours are great together, perfect for winter I think.


Good-Grace said...

oh my... LOVing this theme! Beautiful finds. Especially fond of the houndstooth bird print.