Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spooky Party Style - Guest Blog Saturday

Hello Paper Cakes Finds' readers! Thank you for letting me guest blog for you today. Chelsea wanted me to share with you some party ideas. Well it stands to reason that some of you will want to throw a Halloween party this month. October is, by far, my favorite month of the year and I LOVE Halloween. I also love food. :) So what could be better than to share with you some of the best of both?! Hopefully, these images will inspire you to create your own fabulous food this holiday season. Enjoy and have fun with your holiday plans.

Ghostly Pumpkin Pudding

Pears and Apples Dipped in White Chocolate

Candy Corn Cordials


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sassypackrat said...

Yum and more yum! Fab party ideas!

Kimmay said...

I love the pudding and the pears the most- too cute! great ideas :)

Kim - The TomKat Studio said...

Fabulous Halloween ideas! I haven't seen any of these around the blogosphere yet! Nice finds!

Serena said...

This year the party will be wonderful:)

♥ Nia said...

yummy yummy :p
Love those Ghostly Pumpkin Pudding!!!

Tiedupmemories said...

Lots of yummy inspirations!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks just de-Delicious...especially that drink ;-)

Jamie :)

¶ M said...

the most gorgeous party treats ever!!!




Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

OMG!! I wasn't planning on throwing a party this month but these treats give me an incentive! :) Thanks for sharing.

Momochas said...

Awesome ideas to make and incredible Halloween party!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such absolutely wonderful ideas!! I love the look of the candy corn at the bottom of the glass. Certainly makes me want to have a party now!! : )

~ Wendy

Stesha said...

I'm going to favorite this post. We're having a Halloween party for the kids this year, and I love your ideas!

Great guest blogger!

Hugs and Mocha,

sophie said...

yum yum yum i'm so hungry now! think the ghostly pumpkin pudding looks so nice!

strawberries and champagne said...

Oh wow, these are all gorgeous! So many great ideas! I LOVE the ghostly pumpkin pudding, it is so cute, and yummy I bet too!

Gary said...

Whoa! These absolutely incredible. The presentation is excellent and I'm confident that they taste equally delicious as well. Kudos!