Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An interview with the lovely Shelley of Lemon Tree Studio

Ever since I joined etsy, my number one inspiration has been Shelly of Lemon Tree Studio! With almost 3000 sales in her main shop, Lemon Tree Studio in just under two years she is doing amazingly well! She also has a fairly new vintage shop that has also been doing well since opening. She makes some of the sweetest fabric fancies I've ever seen!

Onto the Q and A's:

1. You have a small child and a busy shop - how do you keep it all together?

Who me? Keep it all together {ha-ha!}. Some days are brighter than others, but I am grateful and lucky to have the support of a sweet hubby....blessed to have the freedom and independence of creating at my own pace....and surrounded by things that inspire me daily. This helps me stay focused and makes me want to keep dreaming up new, creative ideas. Of course, having a 2 year old makes crafting during her waking hours nearly impossible {and that's ok!}, but I am teaching Lilyana some crafty day we will both be sewing together!

2. What inspires you to make things and what started this for you? Have you always made things or was it something that came together one day?

I am inspired with random things around can be stacks of fabrics, books & magazines, being outdoors, daydreaming, brainstorming, and I have an obsession with vintage textiles....I am always inspired by their design and color, and constantly building up my stash.

I remember being 7 or 8 years old {and a tomboy} and creating very intricate worm and bug houses...I think this was the start of the whole craft bug! For as long as I can remember art was always my favorite outlet.

3. What is your creative area like?

My creative area has taken over the entire upper level of our house! I have a roomy office that I store all of my fabrics and sewing supplies...this is the room I am in the most, since most things I create are stitched. There are piles of "things" EVERYWHERE. There are days I can barely get to my desk without leaping over mounds of new fabric!

I have a little studio where I keep all of my paper crafts and where I do all of my scrapbooking...this room is my favorite little nook, but it is also the most neglected!

4. What's your favorite song right now and why?

My favorite songs right now are.....always......anything and everything from Dave Matthews Band. It was love from first concert. Been to several and I am mesmerized by the music and lyrics. As for a favorite? So hard to choose, but I am going to say "41", {by DMB of course}!

5. Tell me about a new skill you'd like to learn in the future - related to crafts or otherwise :)

I would love to learn how to read a crochet pattern and make something of substance. I can do a few fun things with yarn, but I how fabulous would it be to run around town with a handmade sweater on? I have always wanted to work with resin too....and I am AMAZED with some of the things people make with felted wool and soap. The talent I see on etsy never ceases to amaze me!

To see more of the lovely Shelly and read some of her day to day musings, check out her blog My Lily Eden.



Creative Breathing said...

Hi Chelsea Ling! So excited to hear from you. Wow! All that you have accomplished is not surprising at all but oh so wonderful to have watched from the beginning. Your sweet smiling face still lights up a room. Much continued happiness to you! YEAH!!!! Elizabeth

Just me.....Shelly said...

well hello! I am honored to be a part of your fabulous blog....thank you so very much chelsea! xoxo Shelly

Karen~ said...

Shelly is sooo talented and is a sweetheart also!!!


Laura Trevey said...

Lovely shop and interview...

xo Laura

Polka Dot Moon said...

Shelly is one sweet & uber creative mama!! I {heart} everything she does!!

aforestfrolic said...

Oh I just love her shop talented! That new skirt she just added is adorable!

Jamie :)