Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make It Yourself - Decor and Gift Inspiration for the Holiday Season

This year, I've commited to doing a mostly handmade Christmas! In both gifts and my decor. I've been searching around lately for ideas and found too many not to share! I hope you enjoy :)

Candy Cane Stick Stocking Stuffers with Martha
Handmade Ornaments seen on Flickr
Jingle Bell Wreaths with Martha
Decorative Light Bulb Balls
Wreath made from old sweaters!
Simple Enbroidered Stocking with The Purl Bee
printable gift tags for your handmade gifts
Recycled Toilet Paper Yule Logs


lori marie said...

YAY! so cute...everything :)

Christina said...

I love those ornaments with thre triangle trees. I'd love to make them...not sure if I have time though! :|

The UnStrungSisters - Amy and Erin said...

I love the light bulb centerpiece and the felted wool wreath!

Moondoonie said...

I love peppermint stick idea. I printed it yesterday. With you all the way on the handmade Christmas approach.

Poppy said...

Great inspiration Chelsea! I'm planning for 2010 Christmas to be completely handmade - gifts, decor, and anything else that can be made by hand! I will remember these ideas for sure!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Super cute finds as always:)
Thanks for sharing!

Pieceful Bits said...

everything is so fun! I think I may try the felt wreath.

apparentlyjessy said...

I am totally inspired! Thank you!

Keepsake Cakes said...

those tp boxes rock my socks!

ThirtySevenWest said...

These decorations are adorable! The colors are so fun! I love the light centerpieces and the logs. I'll be trying these out for Christmas. Glad I came across them :)