Saturday, January 16, 2010

Laugh Out Loud

This last week was rather ridiculous in my little word
"ugggggg, grrrrrrr, scream, pout and cry"
yeah that's what I was feeling
but better to just put on a happy face
and laugh it off as if it's just a silly joke
once you get past the shock and wipe your eyes
if you can manage to smile
you'll probably make it out of
just fine

Etsy Artist Paula Mills
states it perfectly in her description of her piece entitled Laughter

"We could all do with catching a little laughter!"

it's so true!
so SO true!

Get the look:

Shameful plug ~ the cupcakes are made by me :)


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Jen said...

Thanks for featuring our item from!


Jingle said...

There is so much happy in this post!!!!

Bathina said...

Ohh, your blog is a candie-land for all alices!
I am in love in the colors and the work you show here!
THX and xxx from Germany!