Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April Advertising Special! :)

Super Savings for Small Business! :)

In honor of my first month back to blogging, I'm offering some special one time deals on the advertising here at PCF. I've got nine spaces available for 125x125 button ads for this month, and four "sponsor weeks" (sponsor weeks are having your banner or 3 items from your etsy shop linked at the bottom of each post for one week) :) The rates are as follows:

One Month 125x125 button advertising - $30 regular $40
One week as a post sponsor $15

I'm going to do some bundles as well:

One Month button ad + 1 sponsor week = $40 (savings of $15)
Two Months button ads = $50 (savings of $30)
Two months button ad + 2 sponsor weeks = $75 (savings of $35)

These are fabulous rates and they won't happen again! :) It's a great opportunity for your small business to get a boost! If you're interested in traffic stats, please email me at spikernub@hotmail.com. Advertising will be done on a first come first serve basis and space is limited so please email asap!


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