Wednesday, April 21, 2010

May Advertising

A new month approaches, and some ad space will be opening up! I have decided to permanently lower the rates from $40/ month to $30 to month to make it easier for more small businesses to participate. All you need is a 125x125 pixel button (both animated and static are accepted).

There is also the option of sponsoring posts - this is $10/week. Three of your etsy items will be shown @ the bottom of each post for one week. You could also link your etsy banner instead of three items if you like. Your three items can be changed as often as daily throughout the week.

I am also looking for companies to feature in weekend giveaways - usually I like to have a product giveaway of $30 + and the sponsor writes up a feature about their company and shares as much information/photos as they like :)

Please email me at if you are interested, spaces will fill quickly!

1 comment:

AmanoUsagi said...

Oooo. I am super interested in doing a giveaway. I shot you an e-mail.