Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Things found searching the vintage section on etsy with keyword "pretty".

Beautiful Vintage Stewart B McCulloch Deer and Fawn Figurine
Pretty Pink Daisies Mod Posies for Spring Accessorizing
Retro Chic 1970's 1980's Groovy Girlie Sunglasses with Pink Fade Lenses and Shapely Arms
This beautiful three strand necklace sits close to the neck. It is made of two strands of pearls and one strand of green glass beads that resemble Jade. The most beautiful feature of this necklace is the ornate gold clasp with a green bead set in the center. The clasp is 1.25
Vintage Storage Tin With Robin
Blue Glass Bowl. Pretty vintage candy dish.
Pretty Gold and Cream Metal Picture Frame
Set of 2 Vintage Lithographs - Pretty Kittens L6
sparkle blue cupcake fancy pants dress .medium
vintage PLEASING PINK 80s Wedge Flats

This post brought to you by the following items from the paper*cakes shop!


Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

The kitten with the string creeps me out!

Alice W. said...

Lots of 'pretty' finds! thanks for sharing my blue glass bowl here ;)