Monday, June 28, 2010

Perfectly Plush

Sweet Owl Plush
Pick 3 - Three Babushka Russian Cloth Dolls for Baby or Toddler - PICK ANY 3 OF MY DESIGNS - FREE SHIPPING
Tiny Wee Hoot Owl - Nature Lovers - Eco Friendly Kids Plush Doll with Secret Pocket
Vintage Angel
Otis the Candy Loving Polar Bear
whale pillow in brown
puffin plush

This post brought to you by the following items from the paper*cakes shop!

Everything in shop is FREE TO SHIP! I will be closing in a couple of weeks for MATERNITY LEAVE.


polka dot skies said...

I love the whales and the little birds!

wzgirl said...

I'd just love to see all the plushies you've chosen get together for a tea party! Imagine that! Thanks so much for inviting my Hoot to be part of your great list! xo, WendyZ

Josie said...

Looks absolutely Gorgeous! Thank you for including my Vintage Angel Bunny xxx

Josie said...

Absolutely Gorgeous! Thank you for including little Vintage Angel Bunny xxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Cute xxx

LetsBeFriends said...

Thanks so much for enjoying my lil hipster, you have some really cute plush here!