Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm dreaming of a BRIGHT Christmas

Etsy Finds

Colorful Christmas Small Sized Rag Wreath with Riley Blake Fabric and Small Bright Ornaments
NEW Christmas Glitter Leaves Mini Hairbow - Great for Infants, Newborns, Toddlers, Girls, Teens, Women
Hand Sewn Felt Ornaments, Decorations - Birdie, Heart, Tree, Set of 3
Vintage Large Putz House, Turquoise and Pink, Japan
Six Vintage Glass Tree Ornaments in Original Box
Happy Holidays from Miss Cupcakes the Party Pixie
12 Vintage Glass Ornaments Hand Painted Poland Skier, Snowman


Marlynn said...

love it! I've been working on a Merry & BRIGHT holiday theme for our family this year with similar colors!

sassypackrat said...

Love the non-traditional colors!

Whitesuggar's Creation Shop said...

Great finds! Thank you very much for including my hairbow in your wonderful blog!

FoundVintageStyle said...

Such a lovely blog!
I'm thrilled you've chosen to post about my vintage ornaments, thanks so much~

leafpeople said...

Thanks so much for including my putz house in with these wonderful Christmas finds. I actually have a lot of the ornaments in the last photo - they were passed down to me from my grandmother and they're cherished possessions!