Friday, November 5, 2010

Call for Submissions


I want to feature you!! :)

I am looking for artists, retail outlets, crafters, bloggers, etsy sellers, and more to submit things to the blog! I would like guest posters, people to interview, anything cool you think would look awesome on the blog. So submit your work or a friend's work to spikernub @ hotmail . com


sassypackrat said...

I totally just sent you an email!

Sylvia-Louise Handbags said...

I'd love either of my shops to be featured. Sent you an email earlier. Hopes I hear back. Your blog is great!

Sabrina Dalman said...

Awesome blog! I would love to be featured. Just sent an email :-)

Myko said...

I love your blog.:) I think I just sent you an email! I'd love to be considered to be featured!