Friday, November 5, 2010

An Interview with Michelle Clement

1. How long have you been artsy craftsy?

I've been making things for as long as I can remember! I fondly remember being enthralled by our kindergarten project to cover our notebooks with cute patterned wallpaper (awesome! Mine had teddy bears on it), and my mom is very creative, so she always had us in sewing classes and painting ceramics and things from when I was very young. I grew up always being creative, it's a big part of who I am! :)

2. Where do you make things in your home, do you have a studio space?

I live in a one bedroom apartment with my mister husband, and it's quite small - my 'studio space' is also the window-laden big corner of our living room. I have a few desks lined up against the window, so it's really nice to get the natural light streaming in while I'm working, there, and my computer and sewing machine sit there, as well. The only challenge to having lots of windows is that there's literally no I do have one shelving unit, but most things are hidden under desks and such - it makes our whole place look like a studio, of sorts - which is cool cuz hubby's artsy, too. Thank goodness!

3. You are an animator/illustrator by profession, right? How do you like doing that?

I love my job! I graduated about 4 years ago from a classical animation program and have been working nearly full-time on kids' tv shows since then - like Pucca, Kid Vs Kat, George of The Jungle, etc. It's a super-fun place to work! I am contemplating going back to school for design though, soon, as I find myself leaning more towards that as the years go on, but no matter what I do, it will always be a good balance of both worlds. I enjoy doing a lot of different things - for example, right now I'm working at the animation studio, freelancing design jobs, designing a paper line for Sassafras Lass, and getting ready for some local craft fairs - all which keep it interesting from job-to-job/day-to-day, definitely!

4. What is your favorite movie and why?

I really really love movies - it's super-hard to pick just one favorite!! lol. I'd have to say, 'The Science of Sleep', though - because it's so nonsensical at parts, but deep & thought-provoking at the same time. And the designs and little stop-motion animated parts are just lovely! It's totally weird, but I love it. Close seconds: 'Little Miss Sunshine', 'Lars and the Real Girl', 'A Lot Like Love'. And of course, 'Nightmare Before Christmas'!

5. What has it been like being on some major design teams /in the scrapbooking magazines?

It's been super-fun to get to work with yummy scrapbook goodies (& fellow paper designers) from such fun companies over the last few years - I really love being a part of Sassafras Lass' team, and have also had a great time working with places like Crate Paper, Red Velvet Kit Club, Pink Paislee, and my first big design team ever was Fancy Pants Designs, back in the day. lol. I think I was quite shell-shocked, when I was first accepted onto that one, but it was super-exciting - and still is!

It's really quite a learning experience - connecting with other artists, sharing your work, representing a company! It can definitely be nerve-wracking at first - and if you hit a creative slump - but its also really exciting to put yourself out there in the scrapbook community - & to hopefully inspire. It's a great consistent challenge! I'm definitely not seasoned in this by any means, though - getting back out there in the paper world and submitting to magazines is something I want to make the time to pursue regularly this year, again!

6. What plans do you have for your crafty business in the next 5 years?

I have a really hard time focusing and planning exactly what will happen in the next 5 years (5-year-plan does not cross my vocabulary, ever!), but eventually I'd love to have a fun, cute, self-sustaining business that is my full-time job - both doing design work and making goodies for my shop. I hope to go to school and get a degree in design in this time, while supporting myself with my artwork - that's my dream right now! Eventually I would love to have a brick and mortar store full of Bubbly Shnooks goodness & a bunch of handmade/vintage curated goodies from my favorite artists & makers, but we'll see where this goes, first! :)

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