Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Shopping

I have always loved Sunbasilgarden... this will be the second Christmas I order from them. I ordered for the hubby, SIL + her guy and daughter, Jude, Myself, and Jett too! I like her packaging, just simple wrapping. The soaps smell awesome and are cute too. I love the glitter, but I especially love the sugar or salt bars.. exfoliating and awesome! Yeah soap!!

I spent $50 including shipping to Canada which was $11 for all items. Here's what I got:

Yum, creme brulee.

This one is for men... depending on what it smells like, might go to Hubby might not!

Sugar cookie sugar soap - I was thinking my SIL but who knows... might be for me or another female friend!

Pickle, for Jude. He's going to get a kick out of this one.

Chocolate mint truffle. Not sure who this one will be form, but yum!

Pink Sugar (the perfume I wear) .. for me :p

Giant man sized beer soap for the hubby.

Animal soaps for Baby Jett and my niece baby Willow.

Soap is a great gift for almost everyone - all people you know wash themselves! It's reasonably priced so perfect for a teacher, coworker, or gift exchange. Stockings also love soap!

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Sunbasilgarden said...

Hey girlie-- Thanks so much for your order and blog shout out. I adore you and your blog. Thanks so much for coming back. I will get them Northern bound to you. Happy Holidays. xo - Sunbasilgarden