Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafting a Meaningful Home Review and Project Share

A few weeks ago, I was lucky to be sent some books from STC craft to read and review..

My friend Caitlin was here when they arrived. We dug into them right away! Cait was browsing Crafting a Meaningful home, and came across a Jewelry tree project. We had been preparing for my home Jewelry sale and it was the perfect thing for a display!

We did ours on a bigger scale than the little tree in a pot featured in the book, because it was for a merchandising display. I want to save the branches and put a few smaller ones into a pot for my dresser. We spray painted and glittered the branches for an extra kick of pretty!

I was super happy too see some fun silhouette proects in the book - very similar to one I already had in my home!

The cover - not only is this book filled with beautiful projects, it is beautiful in itself. A few more shots from the inside;

I have been so enamored with this book since it's arrival - even my very non-crafty husband has enjoyed reading it! There are so many projects inside that will help you make your home warm and inviting, without spending a lot of cash. Some projects are perfect for doing with children as well. The photography is beautiful, and so inspiring. This book should be on every crafter's wishlist this Christmas! Tell your story and embellish your home in a way that is truly your own!

You can find this book on amazon here!

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