Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Adorn Yourself

Etsy Finds

wish necklace - all sterling silver
Handmade Vintage Floral Necklace with Ribbon. Flower Girl
Miss Kitty Fantastico - Vintage Style Gold, Yellow, Blue and Green Cat Cameo Necklace
Cloudy Day... Sweet Grey Eiffel Tower Gold Bow Charm
Chelsea Garden Necklace
Necklace. Owl, Antique Brass, Flower, Pink, Rose, Glass, Victorian, Woodland. Nightbird.
Pretty In Pink Necklace in Vintage Fabric, Tulle and Silver
Fawn Necklace


Katie said...

They're all really sweet, I adore the one with the vintage fabric.

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for featuring my cat necklace here! I love your blog! :D

kendal croix. said...

wonderful things. i love etsy so much.

Lauren said...

this is so lovely! I love your finds and thank you for featuring my owl necklace here!