Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Feature Standards


In an effort to make features quicker and easier for both those submitting and myself, I am setting up a submission standard that I hope you can all follow! If I can have mostly put-together features sent in then I can post them up a lot easier!

This interview set up is focused more on etsy shops or small artisans, so feel free to tweak the questions a bit to suit your needs.

1. What inspires you to come up with new designs?

2. How long have you been creating?

3. Where do you do your work? Do you have a dedicated area of your home, or?

4. Tell us about a goal you have for your business

5. What is your favorite album?

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

7. What is your favorite thing to do on a weekend?

8. Tell us about a new skill you'd like to learn

9. Where is your happy place?

10. Type any random thought here

When submitting, please also include a short bio and a photo of yourself at least 450px wide. Also include all of your promo links like your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. If you want to do a giveaway, please include a photo of your prize. I ask that prizes be at least $20 in value. The higher the value the more comments the giveaway will receive (average is around 200).

If you're interested in writing a feature guest post or tutorial, I am looking for the following on an ongoing basis:

- recipes
- digital freebies
- etsy/small craft biz tips
- photography stories
- get this look
- tutorials
- home tours

I like to maintain a high quality of design on the blog, so please keep in mind when submitting that I want only lovely photos and well written articles!

Also, remember when submitting that my waiting list may be one month or more, but if I say I will feature you, I will :) I get a lot of submissions and have to fit in coding between the demands of my family.

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MCatherine said...

Got your tweet re: ad space giveaway, but can't find the details. I'll keep checking or perhaps you might tweet a link to the proper location on your blog or contact me via email hideaheart at gmail? Thanks!
Hide A Heart

C. Shigenaka said...

HI Paper Cakes, I love your blog and I saw you were taking ideas...I am also taking contributors to my new site as well for anyone who does crafts of any sort @ so if you or anyone you know is interested...stop by...Will definitely be checking out more of your site too and linking to it :) ...Love it...