Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Sparrow Review

I got a biiig package of goodies from my sponsor, Paper Sparrow yesterday! Buttons, pocket mirrors, and a necklace too!

I got two pocket mirrors - a cuuutie deer and a red and white polka dotted narwhal - these are ADORABLE! They are perfect for my small wristlet sized purse. I carry around a compact, but the mirror in it is shattered, so this is a perfect replacement! And I have two, for when I inevitably lose one.. lol..

This is my favorite item.. a foxy necklace locket. It's so cute and well made, with the image mounted under glass and hangs from a little bow. It hangs mid-chest so it's perfect for all necklines too. Adorable! Plus, it comes in an aqua colored box, my fave!

And a whole bunch of 1.5" buttons for my cardigans!! I wore the fox one out last night and got a bunch of compliments :) These are definitely conversation starters... I love how all the animals have sweaters on, reminds me so much of Fantastic Mr Fox!

Paper sparrow has so many cool goodies in shop... from prints to jewelry to accessories and calendars and more! I also got a cute little deer magnet and sticker as a freebie :) I definitely recommend ordering from this shop!


Sarah Maccarelli said...

That mirror is adorbs. Yay for freebies!

Folksie Linda said...

All your goodies are so cute.. love the buttons..so easy to get addicted too and makes a great collection.. i put mine on throw pillows! The necklace is gorgeous!