Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dress Up Your Undies with My Girl Thursday

Hello friend, my name is Thursday. I'm a compulsive crafter, lifelong thrifter, hideaway hermit, baker extraordinaire and mama to a seriously wacky one year old. As an obsessive secondhand shopper I am inspired by things old and sometimes forgotten.

When the wise and wonderful Paper Cakes asked me to do a little something for her second anniversary my mind immediately went to the bedroom.  No, not like that you naughty Nellie!  I'm talking about the underwear drawer.  After all the traditional gift for year two is cotton.  And if you're a weirdo like me when you think cotton you think britches. 

Do you remember that scene in The Virgin Suicides when you see that Lux wrote Trip's name on her underwear - sort of a sign of her unending teenage devotion?  Well, that bit has always stayed with me; little handmade moments like that get me every time.

scene from The Virgin Suicides

So inspired by the sweetness of one of my favourite films I bring you a couple simple examples of  restyled underthings (I'm doing everything in my power not to use the P word here, folks, it grosses me out!).

Applique:  Using a simple shape, patterned fabric and complimentary colours add a little pop to an otherwise boring pair of skivvies.  To make the applique process easier you can either add a small bit of fusible adhesive to the back of your shape or simply pin in place. 

Simple Embroidery: You don't have to be an embroidery rock-star for this technique; even your most basic stitch will do here! I was tempted to stitch my guys name on this pair, but then thought he might be a bit wierded out to seeing that here. I guess I'll save that for our anniversary.

Stitching on this fabric isn't the easiest thing ever, but if you've made it to the cotton anniversary you know a thing or two about toughing it out for love.  Thanks for hanging out with me for underpants chat.  If you're ever interested in more incessant ramblings you can visit my blog My Girl Thursday or find me on Twitter

Keep it crafty!


Kamika said...

eeeeek! I love the wee lil embroidered hearts. SO CUTE

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

love it!
leave it to Thursday to get crafty in her pants!