Thursday, February 24, 2011

Easy Mushroom Garland Tutorial by Julia B.

Materials needed:

- Assorted color felt squares
- Glue gun
-Cotton string (aprox. 56”)
-Paper, pencil and cardboard

To start:

Draw out your mushroom cap and stem. If you are not to handy with that, a google search will give you quiet a few free templates you can use. Trace your design onto cardboard, and cut out on each cap, base, as

Trace 2 of each mushroom cap and base, per mushroom. You can use different colors, or all of one. It is up to you.

Trace your mushroom spots. I used 1 ½” and ¾” circles. The amount you need to cut, depends on how many or few spot’s you want on your mushrooms, mine have between 9-10 each total, front and back.

Arrange and glue your spots, and glue together your mushroom stem.

Next, glue your stem to bottom center of back-side of one of the mushrooms. Glue mushroom cap in place, leaving a small opening at the top.

Trim any excess felt, and pull away those pesky little glue threads as well J

Use a few pins to properly space your mushroom’s. sandwich the string, between the top of the mushrrom caps, and close up with a bit of glue.

All done!


Kisa Peters said...

THIS is DARLING!!! Thanks for sharing!

Silver Lining Decor said...

Those are adorable!!

Becky J. said...

so simple and sweet.

loulou said...

magnifique!! j'adore!! merci beaucoup pour ce joli tuto!! ♥