Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of News, Parties, and Notes (Sponsor spots opening!)



I've been meaning to write up a big "news" post for a bit, but as usual, I am behind... lol :) Lots of stuff is happening here... the shop is back open, and on MONDAY the two year blogiversary party starts! I'm super excited... got a lot of great stuff lined up.

I'm also opening sponsor spots for March - here`s a little refresher on my ad rates;

250x125 ad - $50 / month - one spot only

125x125 ad - $30 / month or $50 for two months - up to 5 spots available

50x125 ad - $10 / month - up to 5 spots

Post Sponsorship - Feature your etsy items or banner at the bottom of all posts - weekly $15 or monthly $50. This option gets you the most exposure because it will show up in feed readers.

*All* sponsorship spots come with the option of a giveaway / interview as well as me regularly tweeting your links to my 14,000+ followers and working hard to promote your brand or shop! If you're interested in sponsorship, please email me at spikernub @ hotmail . com and I can give you more details or answer any questions.

I am also always accepting items for review and companies to sponsor giveaways.

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