Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally - A Call for NEW SPONSORS, Submissions, and Review Items!

Hello, everyone :)

I hope this post finds you all well!

It has been a long time since I have done one of these... life (real life) got crazy for me the last little bit. A lot of things are changing in my life, and on the blog. Since the 2 year Anniversary party my traffic has exploded! :)

Just a quick thank you to all my loyal readers, sponsors, and supporters over the past two years. I can't wait to see where the next two years takes us :)

Anyways... here is a breakdown on the new sponsorship options I will be offering here starting this month (MAY). I have changed the pricing on all options and added a few new options. I have also updated my disclosure policy!

~ Advertising Options ~

250x125 button ad - $60 / month or $100 for 2 months - LIMITED TO ONE SPACE

125x125 button ads - $40/month or 2 months for $70 - LIMITED TO SEVEN SPACES

50x125 button ad - $15/month or 2 months for $25 - LIMITED TO FIVE SPACES

Banner ad - bottom of each post will be your banner or 4 of your items - this shows up in the readers/feeds so the best advertising for your $$ - $100/month - Limited to one company/shop - items can be changed weekly.

Sponsored Posts - $40 / post - LIMITED TO ONE PER COMPANY PER MONTH

Sponsored Tweets - $100 / 2 scheduled tweets / day for one month - any links you like - LIMITED TO FIVE COMPANIES / month

The blog gets an average of 500 unique visitors / day, and anywhere from 1,000-2,000 pageviews. I have 2,000 GFC subscribers, 4000+ RSS feed subscribers, 4000 facebook fans, and 16,000 twitter followers. My readers/followers are loyal and things sell often when featured here.


Branding/Media Coaching for Handmade Business - $50 - I will help you come up with a promotion strategy for your company - Five 30 minute chat sessions, and a customized plan of action. LIMITED TO TWO COMPANIES / month

I will accept submissions for the following;

~ Giveaways ~

- Items must be $30+ in value. I do a lot of coding and promo for giveaways, this takes me a bit of time. I want the giveaways to be worth it for readers to enter :)

~ Review Items/Samples ~

- I will take all kinds of items for review. I focus on handmade/indie on this blog, but I also have a mom blog. I will write a detailed review post, and provide high quality photos of the item in use.

~ Features/Interviews ~

- I am always looking for new companies to feature and artisans to interview. Check out my "how to be featured page here for more info.

- Business Cards/Postcards/Posters/Stickers/Promo Materials

- I like to pass on info about all kinds of indie companies, so send me what you've got!


- Giveaways and Reviews can take up to two months to be posted depending on my current work load.


- I am looking for advertisers who fit my theme, and have well designed websites and a nice button. I reserve the right to turn down any submissions I don't think will fit this blog.


MCatherine said...

My products are not within the price range you request to be considered for a giveaway, but I thought I would say 'hello' anyway.
Have a great day!
FYI: Just to let you know I do have a wee contest on my blog HERE should one of your readers be interested in winning an XOXO Hide A Heart for Mother's Day.

HIDE A HEART said...

With a Google page rank of 4/10, Hide A Heart would have a lucky and increased opportunity for visibility but more than that, it would help spread farther afield the positive message of Hide A Heart and we all know, the world could use a lot more 'positive' energy!
Even if HAH does not win, thank you for the opportunity to try.

stacie said...

What a great advertising site! So glad that you are doing this giveaway and I found you.

PaperCakes looks like a perfect spot to advertise my handmade jewelry shop on Etsy. I am really looking to grow my on line business and this looks like a perfect place to start!

Keeping my fingers crossed that I win a spot!

daniel said...

I think if I were to win ad space offering my free report called "Luxurious Organic Skincare: Facts For Vegetarians and Women Over 30", that a lot of people would click.
That means I can send them info that would be entertaining, useful, and hopefully generate sales for me.

BTW, you're really freakin cool for offering giveaways this awesome. The offer got me to visit the site, glad I did, or I'd be missing out on your unique and fun creations. tnx