Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Jude

Etsy Finds

Today is my little guy's 3rd Birthday - and he has the flu! Here is a little post I did to cheer him up.

Faisons La Fête Fabric Bunting Decoration 9'
Plush I love you mix Cassette Tape
6 Scoop Popcorn Boxes
Sidewalk Paint Double Stack - Rainbow Colors - Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, Orange
Shark made of recycled fence wood. JAWS, Great White, outdoor art
The Knight's Shield Boutique Eco Friendly Boy's T-Shirt, Size 6/7
Goldfish party - Set of 15 custom invitations - Printable file also available
robot belt buckle, vintage inspired


Claudia said...

Happy Birthday to your little one!

my name is sécia. said...

Wow! I love everything. Poor little guy... sick on his birthday. :( I'll send good thoughts your way for a better day.

Diane Mars said...

Poor little thing, hope he feels better real soon, the Big 3 our Grand Amelie will be 3 in June very fun age. oxox, Diane