Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An interview with Katelyn Fraser

Katelyn Fraser is a photographer living and working in Charlottetown, PEI. A graduate of Holland College's Photography and Digital Imaging program she specializes in lifestyle portraiture and weddings. Her work has been featured in Organic Lifestyles and Panache magazines, as well as Holland College promotional materials. She has also received awards of merit from national photography organization PPOC, as well as a national award for best student portrait during her time at Holland College. Katelyn can be found most days (and nights) at her studio space in downtown Charlottetown.


1. What got you interested in photography to start with?

I think the first time I ever really took note of a photograph was when I was about 11 or 12, I was at a friend's place and she and I were going through her older sister's stuff. Among other things we found this awesome photograph of her sister, it was a wide angle shot on a seamless white background and I remember thinking, "wow, this is amazing, HOW can I do this?". That sort of fueled a short photography phase that lasted a few months. The interest in photography didn't return until my late teen's when I decided to revisit my passion for the art form.

2. Your photos are always beautifully soft looking and filled with light, do
you have any tips for amateur photogs looking to achieve a similar
result? Or just your best tip in general?

Well, to achieve the "light" look I often over expose my images about 1/2 stop. I find this helps even the skin tones and bring the attention to the eyes. I think my best general tip is to take your time when photographing, it's hard to force someone to smile naturally, it's something you have to wait for. My favourite images are ones when people look natural, I want to feel like I am seeing the subject, not just a photo of the subject.

3. I heard you just moved into a new studio space - can you describe it and what you are doing there?

Yes! I am so excited about the new studio space! The space is all white with turquoise accents, I really wanted the space to match my branding and I feel that so far it does. I am lucky to have two good friends starting a furniture design service so they hooked me up with an awesome white desk, a turquoise chair, and a turquoise table. Coincidentally their new business is called Turquoise Shed, and if you hadn't heard turqoise has been named the colour of the year by Pantone. Anyways, I am getting way off topic, the space is an office and studio, so I will be using it to meet clients, work, and to do shoots. Drop me a line if you'd like to stop by for a visit, I have fancy water and organic juice!

4. Do you have any future goals for learning new skills, related to
photography or otherwise? Anything you've always been wanting to try

I feel that I still have so much to learn about photography, my goal is to never be resting on my laurels. Although in the two year college course I took we learned lots about studio lighting I feel that I need to delve into it more and really refine my strobe lighting skills. Outside of photography...I really want to learn how to knit mitten thumbs, I've got the hand/wrist part down, but the thumbs are giving me trouble.

5. What kind of music gets you inspired?

My music tastes change daily, but I count Beyonce, Ingrid Michaelson, Jay-z, Kanye, Tegan and Sara, The Postal Service, Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Two Hours Traffic and Sufjan Stevens among my favourites.


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