Thursday, January 20, 2011

Are you ready to party?

Check out the beautiful banner made just for my birthday party, by the lovely Keren of Free Pretty Things For You!

She will be making a special free printable just for the party :)

Would you like to party too? Email me at spikernub @ hotmail . com! I'm looking for guest bloggers, recipes, DIY projects, giveaways, specially designed items, sale codes and more!

The official party dates are February 21st - 25th.

Here's a button you can add to your blog! Just grab the code below :)

So far, the following awesome people are signed up to party with meeee!!

HiJirk Studios
The Authors of Paper+Craft Magazine
Free Pretty Things
Little Chief Honeybee/Kaelah
Simbiosis Julia
Rock Candi
Kati's Cupcakes
Gussy Sews
Chelsea Ann
Lori Marie
Kitty Robot
Creative Chaos

1 comment:

Jasmine (YourSweetTreat) said...

what a beautiful banner. i'm redoing my blog and my online shop on etsy for now, but one day i'd love to be a guestblogger, giveaways, and all those goods.

btw cute blog :)