Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back... with craft room inspiration!

My computer decided that it hates me, and so I wasn't able to post anything for a couple of days, but now I am BACK! :) I am sharing some craft studio inspiration from my flickr faves today. Enjoy! Xoxo

Studio Spruce by Rachel Denbow
Studio Nap Spot by Annamariahorner
My Studio by Ittybittybirdy
Aqua Shelf with vintage jars by freshvintagestyle
craft room transformation by crafty intentions
New colors by annamariahorner
New Shelf by Thistletown

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Tiedupmemories said...

I love all those vignettes! So inspiring!

handylittleme said...

I love those photos! I wish my studio was so tidy. I love looking at other people's workspaces. Nice blog by the way!
handylittleme x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh goodness I wish my studio was that adorable, although I do share mine with my artist husband so at least I have a pal to chat with so I shouldn't complain really.

Keepsake Cakes said...

oh my that was a surprise :) well I really am being bad for checking blogs when I should be packing! Wish my studio was clean now! It looks like a bomb went off.. and my creativity is probably suffering because of it! Oh I will be wanting a banner I think... I will let you know next week!

Trendy Bindi said...

I have craft room envy in a very bad way! What clever ideas for storage. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

So fun and colorful! I love the robin's egg wall paint. Maybe I should do that for the bedroom. I'm having a hard time deciding!

susan said so said...

My craft room is all packed away and in storage while our house is on the market. I miss it so much! These photos made me smile. Thanks!