Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Monday Everyone!

How is everyone out there in cuteness land on this sunny (well, here anyways) Monday?? I am surprisingly chipper after being dead tired yesterday. The time change in Spring always kicks my butt!

Today's feature is all bout Little Red Riding Hood, I hope you enjoy! Remember to click each picture to visit the items. Xoxo.

Button Magnets
Original Painting on Wood
Hand Carved Rubber Stamp
Dog COllar
Hey Red Necklace
Figurine Set
Rubber Stamp Set
Original Painting
Pin Cushion
Applique Pouch
Hair Clips

Don't let that big bad wolf get ya!


Kristin said...

cute stuff! What an original theme! I love the pillow!

sassypackrat said...

You always find the greatest stuff!

Happy Together said...

ooooo! I really like this theme! So cute

Tiffany said...

Who knew there were so many Little Red Riding Hood items.. and cute, at that!

Leah said...

I love the theme, gorgeous finds!

andrea said...

Very cute-
I started a 'red riding hood' pouch last week and this reminds me i'll have to go finish it soon :)

Vintage Amethyst said...

Ooohh just too cute!

Mary Wadsworth said...

Super cute, love the doggy collar!

Miki said...

Love your blog, so I passed along an award to you!!

Beth said...

Great collection. I LOVE the Red Riding Hood necklace. Her shop is fantastic.

Nancy said...

I love this theme!