Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shy Fox

Each week as I filter through the wonderful world of etsy
I am overwhelmed by how much is really out there
It's not hard to find amazing deals, and one of a kind treasures,
but it is hard to weekly decide what to share with your here
So I am quite excited to announce
that each and every Monday
I will be sharing one of my favorite pieces of art from etsy
with a compilation of items that evoke the look, feel and/or attitude of the piece.

The Shy Fox print from artist Kelly-ann
of The Poppy Tree
was the first print I ever purchased on etsy
(click here to take a glimpse of where it sits in my home)


apparentlyjessy said...

Fantastic post Chelsea Ann! I love Kelly-Ann's art work too.

KL Bailey Art said...

I love that second dress - it is just beautiful! (To bad I can neither afford it nor fit into it! :P)

pennycones said...

A great choice of items!

Thank you for including my little black shoes :)