Wednesday, January 20, 2010

baby fun for the one with none.

Although I am not yet ready for a wee one, I am happy to to buy cute and adorable things for those that have 'em. I know that Chelsea Ann and mine's time will come someday :)

teddy feet
cute hat!
tuxedo dress
Fawn Shirt
kid cape
buttons dress
sailor suit



Happy Girl*Lucky Fella said...

I Love Love Love that pink hat with the black birds! Great finds!!

Lil' Bit Sassy said...

Cute baby stuff! I don't have a wee one either, just lots of nieces and nephews who I spoil endlessly!

henzy said...

the tutu is so cute.. and love the little boy shirt with the tie.. and the list could go on..

Beth said...

Precious, precious! I especially love the bear booties. What talent in those!

Gnome-N-Birdy said...

oh dear you are so sweet as is this collection!

Gnome-N-Birdy said...

P.S. Last Post was by me! Chelsea Ann of ittybittybirdy :)